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ESG APP 24/7

In the European Union and in some countries outside the European Union, the ESG initiative (The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) has become the basis of economic, banking and commercial activity, which must be complied with by all legal entities in all associative countries.

The ESG questionnaire/application 24/7 as part of the EcoSynergy System has most effectively captured and implemented the monetization of materials, raw materials, packaging,... etc. in companies/legal entities in the ECOSS algorithm and enabled companies to fill in, update and add content to the questionnaire in terms of data, quality and content in the form of an online questionnaire for all certified users, such as parent and authorized banks, tax and audit institutions and authorized control services.

EcoSynergy System has supplemented the questionnaire with additional comments on the questions and a final summary to provide a better understanding of company processes, making it more suitable for legally binding companies in the period 2023-2030.

The benefits EcoSynergy System has brought to companies indicate increased feedback and interest from companies to take an active role in completing the ESG questionnaire.

Manufacturing, commercial and service companies are required to comply with ESG legislation from 2021 under the EU Directive (The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)), which EcoSynergy System offers as part of the "Agreement on the systemic restructuring of the company in accordance with the EU Directives 2020-2030".

ESG questionnaire is available as ESG APP 24/7 for questionnaire upgrade (Up-grade), education, ecological/environmental management, monetization of raw materials, materials, packaging,... etc., collection equipment, logistics,... etc. - 24/7 offered by EcoSynergy System.

The online application of the ESG questionnaire as part of the "Agreement on the systemic restructuring of the company into a circular economy in accordance with the EU directives 2020-2030" offers the company an approach to green credits, credits for the restructuring of the company into a circular economy, financial resources and a better bank credit rating of the RWA status (risk-weighted assets) of the company.

The EcoSynergy System regularly informs all users of the ESG 24/7 application about environmental, social and societal changes in additions and upgrades to the application, protecting them from economic and other changes in the market.